Meeting Minutes: February 22nd, 2011


                    I.            Meeting was called to order at 1700 hours.


                    II.            Floor given to President Kasey Strong. 


                    III.            Television Drawing

                           i.            Random student from hallway picked ticket #286955 Belonging to Dawn Howlett                                                                                 

                    IV.            Floor given to Vice President-Michael Pleasant

                                            i.            T-shirt & Sweatshirt orders due, money in by Saturday, April 14th at latest 

                    V.            Floor given to Interim-Event Coordinator-Danielle Wesely

                      i.      Any ideas for events or fundraisers, please contact an officer.

                      ii.     Possible ideas:

                               1.     Brat Barns (Manitowoc, Marinette, Fox Valley area)

                      iii.     Volunteers needed for traffic control during Cellcom Green Bay Marathon on May 20th, 2012;  To sign up contact Dani Wesely or any other officer

                      iv.      Green Bay Correctional Institute tour  May 4th, 2012 @0900, limited number of participants, sign-up sheet is filled.

           VI. Floor given to Interim-Secretary/Treasurer-Lydia Wilson-Kaquatosh

                                            i.            Account Balance ($720.00)

                                            ii.            Recent Costs/Expenditures

                                            iii.            New Member Registrations

                                                                          i.      Dues for 2012-$41 National Members, $36 for renewals, & $5 for general membership

                                                                        ii.      If you have not renewed yet the cost is $36

                    VII.            Floor Given to President-Kasey Strong

                                            i.            Open meeting for discussion

                                          ii.            Close meeting


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